Together with Radius ETC, We are now taking our show on the road to California as The Present Elders.  We are both veterans of the electronic music scene both in Chicago and internationally.  This past summer we’ve shifted our focus from traditional shows to pop up performances.  We’ve popped up at places like the Chicago Cultural Center, Ohio St. Beach, Garfield Park Conservatory and many other culturally significant areas throughout the city. People value our transparency and we put ourselves out there each show and get immediate feedback from our audience.


We will be traveling the state playing a series of free pop up shows across the Golden State. Our goal is to start a movement that breaks barriers.  A movement to demystify electronic performance.  A movement to spread healing vibrations through music and genuinely connecting.  And a movement to give the power back to the artists – we want to be close to the people, not the politics.


Our mission is to bring people together in the community while taking our innovative brand of music directly to the people in the streets.  We want to be able to interact directly with the audience in a raw setting to help demystify what we do with our instruments. Our main purpose is to have a celebration of community, music and togetherness with any and all who would like to join us.  Our goal is to ultimately create a movement to take the power of music back to the people.  We’ve seen our music resonate positively for people from all walks of life and of all ages.  You can see children, old folks, businessmen and the homeless all dancing throughout our many videos.  We want to continue to share this positive energy and vibration across the country with as many people as possible.


We plan on documenting our journey through the state with videos, pictures and exclusive audio that will be available on our facebook pages.  What we’re looking for is help to create this movement while documenting our journey with videos and a record.  Because these shows are spontaneous, free and completely open to the public we are just asking for help covering travel and production costs.  Please support us via our indiegogo page.