Brother El has contributed to multiple projects spanning different genres, with a focus on building within the local musical community.

Makers of Sense

The Makers of Sense are Brother El and Cristián Huepe. Together, they fuse energies to create radical bodies of music that combine unusually warm electronica, hip hop, house, trance, dub, live instrumentation and urban elements with new styles yet to be coined. The Makers of Sense have a unique sound; the group actually creates an alternative reality beyond restrictions of usual positions and momentum of our measurable world. The music becomes a guide for building and exploring new realms outside the everyday world by providing endless possibilities.

Some of the awards the group has received include:
Voted the Best Experimental act of Chicago 2008 by Chicago Reader & Constituency
Prize winner of the Artist Forum Electronic Music Competition 2007
Awarded a City of Chicago Arts Grant (CAAP – Community Arts Program) for 2 consecutive years 2006 & 2007

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The Present Elders

The Present Elders are Brother El & Radius Etc: Our healing outreach through music is valued for the wisdom distilled across eras… we transcend time with vibration.  Most recently, we’ve been popping up at culturally significant spots within Chicago that are teeming with positive energy including the Cultural Center, The Garfield Park Conservatory, North Coast Music Festival and Ohio Street Beach

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The Beat Bank

A Record Label and Media Production facility headed by Lional “Brother El” Freeman, specialist in music and entertainment technology.  Community outreach, fostering relationships with new musicians and positively representing Chicago’s experimental music scene remain the major principals behind this studio.


A principal of Brother El’s approach is connecting with the community and giving back.  Examples of this include performing at a farmers market at a school in a “food desert” on Chicago’s south side, holding a free concert in conjunction with University of Chicago to celebrate the Kenwood/Oakwood neighborhoods, and teaching beat making showcases at Lake Forest College.

These activities have given Brother El a unique platform help build undeserved communities within Chicago while showcasing his unique approach to music production.


Additionally, Brother El has worked with multiple Chicago institutions including but not limited to: